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The input of New Kent County citizens is critical to the 2045 Comprehensive Plan.  The planning process includes three phases of public input, providing a range of opportunities to be involved in planning for New Kents future in 2045 and beyond.


Phase 1 Input

An October 12th, 2023 Open House introduced the Comprehensive Plan process and collected input on strengths, challenges, growth issues, and more.  At the same time, an online survey was launched, allowing additional input.


Phase 2 Input

A series of three public meetings held throughout the county in June 2023 used mapping exercises to collect public input on land use and transportation conditions and needs.  An online collaborative map was also launched to allow input from citizens who could not attend in person.

Phase 3 Input

In 2024, Phase 3 of public input will present draft elements of the updated Comprehensive Plan to the public for feedback.  Stay tuned for details of this input phase!

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